All the root canal treatment performed at Dr Sankpal Dental Centre are absolutely comfortable and pain free which is performed by experienced and highly skilled specialized dentist.

Most of the cases are done in single sitting using the state-of-the-art equipments.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a treatment used to repair and save the tooth which is badly decayed or becomes infected. R.c.t. refers to the process by which a dentist treats the inner aspects of a tooth called root canals or "pulp" which most commonly referred as nerve by some.

Root canal or pulp is the cavity present inside the tooth that consists of blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue and lymph vessels.

What are the indications of root canal treatment?

  • Severe tooth decay involving and/or extending the pulp tissue.
  • Prolonged sensitivity/ pain during contact of severe cold and hot temperature and pain after withdrawal of it.
  • Severe tooth pain during mastication/chewing or application of pressure.
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth.

What is the procedure of root canal treatment?

First the tooth is anesthetized to completely prevent pain. r.c.t. procedure is performed in 3 phases

Cleaning and shaping

Involves the removal of infected pulp tissue,bacteria that may have entered and invaded the root canal system. Cleaning is done by using intracanal medicaments that kills the bacteria like sodium hypochlorite etc.

Root canal preparation

After cleaning the root canal thoroughly, it needs to be shaped with the help of proper and precise instrumentation that facilitates placement of a root canal filling material.

Root canal filling

Root canal cleaning and shaping do not eliminate bacteria completely, therefore root canal filling is necessary to prevent reinfection by completely sealing it with a biocompatible material often called as guttapercha.

After completing a root canal treatment, the tooth should ideally be corrected with the crown to protect tooth from fracture.