Sterilization and disinfection control is our top priority as your health and safety are a serious concern to us. We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and sterilization, our staff being specially trained in the "universal (standard) precautions". We have a separate state-of-the-art sterilization area. All instruments are autoclaved to destroy bacteria and virus.

We use disposable items which are thrown away after every single use. All our lab coats; scrubs, masks, goggles and gloves are of hospital quality. For extra measures, our sterilization procedures are monitored by an outside, independent company. Every possible precaution for every patient is taken to eliminate cross-infection.

Separate Room For Infection control, Separate Instruments for every patient, Use of Disposable syringes needles, Use of Anti-corrosive Disinfectants, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Masks, Disposable water Mugs, Disposable Suction Tips, Disposable Patient Bibs, Class B European standard Autoclave system with Printout to monitor the system working correctly.

All this makes us well equipped for infection control.